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Glitter Easter Eggs DIY

Hey guys!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Good Friday and have a great Easter weekend! I thought I would share with you a little DIY project that would be fun and festive to do with friends this weekend.
Growing up, my family and I decorated easter eggs each year, and I've always loved doing it. So now that I'm older, I decided to carry on the tradition myself but take them up a notch.

Review: Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder & Life Update

So... It's been a while. As soon as school started back up again life got busy between classes, homework, work and just life in general. I had planned to keep blogging, but whenever I had any free time I needed to take the time to simply relax or catch up with friends. But, on the back of my mind was this blog. Even though I had only been blogging consistently for a few months I missed creating and putting up content. Honestly, I love having a creative outlet like this for the things I enjoy and receiving feedback from a few of you! And so I'm back with the hopes of putting up at least one post a week until semester is over and starting up full force after then and seeing how this blog can grow!

How to Save the Summer Tan

I love how a nice tan looks, but not the skin damage that comes along with it. I’ve always been good about applying SPF (a big thanks to my mom). I am in no way encouraging tanning for hours, but inevitably most get a little colour over the summer time and on vacations. I figured out some ways to get the most out of my tan and to stretch it out as long as possible. Keep reading to find out…

Fall 2015 Fashion Essentials

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. I love the leaves falling, the colours, the fashion and of course anything pumpkin (yes, pumpkin spice lattes included).With September finally here I thought I would share with you guys my Fall Fashion essentials.

Fall 2015 Fashion Essentials

Back to School: Personalized School Supplies

They have a whole selection of colourful and fun pencils now, but why not make your own? This way not only does no have the same, but all your supplies can match... Plus, it's super easy! Just grab your favourite roll of washi tape (I got mine from Walmart) and get creative.

Back to School: DIY Bow Pencil Case

Hi all!

Back to school season is just around the corner for myself included. I thought I would share this DIY pencil case with you guys so you can show up to first class with your own.

*I used a sewing machine for this tutorial but you could hand stitch this as well, just make the stitches small and close together!
* Use a 1/2" seam allowance unless otherwise mentioned