At Home Gel Polish

I love a good manicure, but that can get pretty expensive quickly. That is why I purchased my gel kit. However, after trying a few different brands, I have found my favourites to use. The kit I purchased was originally the Orly Smart Gels, so I still use the remover, cleanser, nail tip primer, LED light and the cuticle oil (not pictured) in that brand. The base coat is ASP 'Step 3 Base Coat' and the top coat is from Gelaze. Today I'm using the Sephora by OPI gelshine gel polish in 'seeing pink elephants'.

Prep Nails! I tend to rush through this step when applying regular polish, but if you want gel to last make sure to follow these steps.
Start by removing any old nail polish.
File nails to your desired shape. (I've been loving rounded square nails lately)
Buff off any imperfections using a nail buffer (mine is from Sephora). Don't worry about buffing to a shine! Only use the side that will make them smooth. I've found if they are shiny that the polish doesn't stay as well.
Put a small amount of nail cleanser on a lint free wipe and wipe down all of your nails.
From here, depending on your kit, the times may vary slightly. Make sure to double check on your own instuctions!
Now, apply a nail tip primer is one swipe to each nail tip and let dry for 30 seconds.

Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds.
Apply colour and cure for 30 seconds.
Continue adding addition coats of the colour until desired colour is reached. (2-3)
Apply your top coat and cure for another 30 seconds. I like to leave them in for an extra 15-20 seconds just to make sure all the layers are completely cured!

Wipe down all your nails with the cleanser again to remove the sticky layer. Tip: if any colour comes off when you do this, cure nails for another 30 seconds.

For that extra "professional manicure" look add a drop of cuticle oil to each nail and rub the remaining oil into your hands. This is really great for dry nails and hands!

Love, Madison

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