Coachella Fashion Inspired

During this time of year Coachella is everywhere on social media. And although I am not there, I was feeling a little inspired by the fashion and put this together. I am so in love with a few of these pieces, that they have definitely made it on to my wish list for summer. Enjoy :)

Coachella inspo

Topshop top
55 CAD -

Steve Madden black open toe flat
89 CAD -

Rebecca Minkoff stud earring set
48 CAD -

Forever 21 Dakota Flash Tattoos
28 CAD -

Ray-Ban aviator glasses
215 CAD -

Love, Madison


  1. So cute!! I went to Coachella and that is exactly what everyone wore :)

    XO, Natalia from

    1. Thanks! Going to Coachella is definitely on my bucket list!