Back to School: DIY Bow Pencil Case

Hi all!

Back to school season is just around the corner for myself included. I thought I would share this DIY pencil case with you guys so you can show up to first class with your own.

*I used a sewing machine for this tutorial but you could hand stitch this as well, just make the stitches small and close together!
* Use a 1/2" seam allowance unless otherwise mentioned

Outer Fabric (in your favourite print!)
Liner Fabric (I used pink broadcloth)
Bow Fabric
7" zipper (anything around this measurement will work)

Outer Fabric: 
2 pieces 9"x5"
 1 piece 3"x 11/4"

Liner Fabric:
2 pieces 9"x5"

Bow Fabric:
2 pieces 10 1/2"x4"
1 piece 2"x3"

Starting with the Bow: place fabric right side together and sew along long sides, leaving the short sides open. Turn right side out and iron.

Taking the smaller piece fold hot dog style with right sides in (in elementary school we used hot dog and hamburger style and I still use it to this day) aka fold the 2" side in half so the piece is 3" long still.

Then turn right side out. Press with the seam in the back. Then fold in half with seam facing out and sew 1/2" from edge. Trim extra fabric. Thread the larger piece through so the small piece is centered. Hand stitch in place.

 Place bow on top of one piece of outer fabric. Position where you like it and baste (Really long stitches). Cut fabric down to size

Pouch: Fold small outer fabric in half and press. Then pin over medal end of zipper (Anyone know what that is called??)

Find the middle of the zipper and the middle of the fabric by folding in half. Then pin the zipper face down onto the right side of the fabric aligning edges.
 Pin the liner fabric right side down on top of the zipper. (The zipper should now be sandwiched between the fabric). Sew across using a zipper foot.

 Press fabric away from zipper and topstitch. Repeat on the other side.

**Really Important!! Unzip the zipper half way!
Bring the outer pieces together and the lining together. Then sew all the way around leaving a 2" gap in the lining fabric. Be careful and slow when sewing over the zipper!
 Trim all four corners like so.

Turn right side out. See what I meant by leaving the zipper open?

Sew the hole closed by either machine or by hand. Tuck lining fabric into pouch.

Voila! Your new and unique pencil case is complete!

You can play with different patterns and changing the size!

Let me know if you try this because I would love to see pictures!
Good luck with your first day back.

Love, Madison

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