Back to School: Personalized School Supplies

They have a whole selection of colourful and fun pencils now, but why not make your own? This way not only does no have the same, but all your supplies can match... Plus, it's super easy! Just grab your favourite roll of washi tape (I got mine from Walmart) and get creative.

Pencils/Pens: I tried both the round pencils and the classic yellow with the flat edges and both worked great. 
  • cut the washi tape to the length of your pencil
  • line up the edge of the tape with the pencil and roll!
if the tape isn't staying down, use some spray glue before applying the tape

You can also wrap the tape around the pencil alternating the design (see pencil far right)

 Paper clips: Cut a strip and loop through paper clip. Fold over aligning edges and cut end in desired shape.

Bull dog clips: Lay the tape on either side of the clip. Then one strip on the top. Clip any extra tape.

Love, Madison