Glitter Easter Eggs DIY

Hey guys!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Good Friday and have a great Easter weekend! I thought I would share with you a little DIY project that would be fun and festive to do with friends this weekend.
Growing up, my family and I decorated easter eggs each year, and I've always loved doing it. So now that I'm older, I decided to carry on the tradition myself but take them up a notch.

Review: Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder & Life Update

So... It's been a while. As soon as school started back up again life got busy between classes, homework, work and just life in general. I had planned to keep blogging, but whenever I had any free time I needed to take the time to simply relax or catch up with friends. But, on the back of my mind was this blog. Even though I had only been blogging consistently for a few months I missed creating and putting up content. Honestly, I love having a creative outlet like this for the things I enjoy and receiving feedback from a few of you! And so I'm back with the hopes of putting up at least one post a week until semester is over and starting up full force after then and seeing how this blog can grow!