Glitter Easter Eggs DIY

Hey guys!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Good Friday and have a great Easter weekend! I thought I would share with you a little DIY project that would be fun and festive to do with friends this weekend.
Growing up, my family and I decorated easter eggs each year, and I've always loved doing it. So now that I'm older, I decided to carry on the tradition myself but take them up a notch.

I started off by boiling WHITE eggs and going out to walmart and picking up an egg dying kit and colouring cups. Make sure to pick up the glitz one for this DIY or else you are going to have to pick up a few different packs of glitter. The great thing about these kits is that they are super cheap though. You will also need some white glue and a paint brush.

Follow the instructions on the kit and dye your eggs the desired colour(s). The length of time it takes will totally depend on how bright you want the eggs to be, so keep checking them periodically. Then let them COMPLETELY dry.

Ok, so the glitz kit came with these stickers that allow you to stick glitter to the eggs in the shape. I did the gold M in this way by following the steps on the kit.

For the rest of the eggs, I got a little creative.
Paint the desired design on the egg with the white glue. Make sure to either do this very quickly or in sections so that the glue doesn't dry before you put the glitter on.

Lay down a piece of paper under the egg when you start adding glitter to collect the excess so that you can reuse it. Also, so the glitter doesn't get everywhere, because, trust me, it is a pain to clean up. Apply the glitter generously over the glue and don't worry about going past the design. Let the glue dry and then dust of the excess glitter.

I played around with a few different designs and my favourites turned out to be the half dipped egg and the polka dotted ones. If you guys try this out with different designs I would love to see!!

Love, Madison Paige


  1. They are so pretty! I'm so excited to dye Easter eggs this year!

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